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Final press conference on the project "Energy-efficient modernization of the settlement systems for outdoor artificial lighting of the town of Lovech and the village of Doirentsi"

On 10.04.2023, in the BTA hall in the town of Lovech, a final press conference will be held on the project "Energy-efficient modernization of the settlement systems for outdoor artificial lighting in the town of Lovech. Lovech and the village of Doirentsi", Procedure No. BGENERGY-2.001 - "Rehabilitation and modernization of municipal infrastructure - systems for external artificial lighting of municipalities", Program "Renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy security", financed under the FM of the EEA 2014-2021 d. The project has a total value of BGN 1,172,503.20 - 100% of the BFP.

The event was presented by Ms. Kornelia Marinova - Mayor of Lovech Municipality, Eng. Svetoslav Slavchev - Regional Governor of Lovech Region, Eng. Mathew Matev - Manager of "VEMAT" EEOD (contractor of SMR), Mr. Morten Pederesen - representative of the project partner "EMPIENERGY" Ltd. Kingdom of Norway, the project team, municipal officials and media representatives.

The press conference was opened by the Mayor of the Municipality of Lovech, Mrs. Marinova, who briefly summarized the benefits of the implemented activities and the achievement of an ecological and economic effect from the implementation of energy-saving LED lighting and a photovoltaic plant. The project manager, Eng. Dekov, presented details of the implementation of the activities. The lighting fixtures on the territory of the town of Lovech and the village of Doirentsi were completely replaced - a total of 3,438 units. In the building of the former SPTU "Docho Penkov", in the Northern Industrial Zone, a photovoltaic plant with a capacity of 33 kW has been installed, which works with hybrid inverters and blocks with rechargeable batteries. The energy collected during the day is stored in the storage batteries and taken to the street lighting in the evening. It is envisaged that the electrical energy produced by RES will be a minimum of 10.7% of that required for street lighting. A system for management, control and monitoring of street lighting has also been introduced under the project. Three meetings were held to exchange experience, knowledge and good practices between the Municipality of Lovech and the partner "EMPIENERGY" OOD.

A special bilingual website has been created for the project, a subdomain of the existing one in the Municipality of Lovech: